How to Train Boxer Dog to Stay Alone at Home

The Boxer breed is a popular breed due to its super friendly and hyper nature. In contract to this trait, boxer dogs have separation anxiety issues as well as they tend to get attached to their owners very quickly. This makes it difficult to keep the pet alone at time, and hence many tips and tricks have been practiced and are suggested to train boxer dog to stay alone at home.

Dogs are known to be social Animals as they love people around them not only for food and water but also for companionship. When they don’t see people around, it puts them into stress and increases their anxiety levels. Boxer dogs respond well to what they are told, and with easy set of ways you can now train boxer dog to stay alone at home while you go off for work or for grocery shopping.

When a boxer dog feels alone, they start making noises, pant, run from one spot to the other; they start destructive chewing and urinate even when they are trained.

A few methods to make it easy for your boxer dog to train them to stay at home in ease.

  • Fix a Routine behavior

The best way to keep your dog less stressed while you’re away is to show less importance to the way how to exit and enter your place while your dog waits. Don’t sneak out and show affection to your dog before you leave, as this will create more anxiety making the dog wonder when you’ll be back. In the similar manner, once you are home act as if it’s normal and don’t give much reaction for the first few minutes. The will make it easy for you to train boxer dog to stay alone at home like it’s a normal behavior. Do not show affection to your boxer as soon as you enter and after a while pat him and feed him, which will make the dog believe that it is okay for the owner to leave and come back.

  • Keep your Boxer Dog Busy

It’s very important to keep your boxer dog busy by setting up puzzle games for him with treats that he can have helping him how to chew and hence keeping him busy. Out of the many the most popular puzzle game is Kyjen Jigsaw Glider Dog Toy. It’s help them boxer dogs cerebral chewing activity as a chamber treat and help them stay distracted while you’re away.

Another way to keep them busy is to make them play with another dog and this helps them to avoid thinking where the owner is.

  • Keep the Sound System On when you leave your Place

The best way to make it easy for your dog to stay at home is to keep your Radio or TV on. Many Dog friendly DVDs shoeing animals, green lands, and playful fun dog’s allows the boxer dog to watch and feel better. Relaxing music also helps the boxer dog to calm their nerves and allows them to sleep at times while you’re away.

These are some ways to keep your Boxer dog happy and stress free while you are away.

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