How automatic pet feeders are tested

An automatic pet feeder must provide the animal with food, as long as his owner is not at home to take over the task himself. The animal must therefore get the necessary amount of food at the right, usual time and should be able to eat it as usual. In addition, of course, that the feeding still happens in an appropriate manner and in live food, the living food animals are not harmed. Animal welfare knows clear boundaries here. If a pet feeder keeps these promises, it can be taken home without hesitation.

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First, it comes in a  feed vending  test winner on whether he allows a species-appropriate feeding. This means in the first step that the animal can eat in a healthy, natural posture. It should not have to  go wrong to get to the food. Proper feeding also  means that feeding  is guaranteed at the  right time and in the right amount .

Like animals, some animals regularly need small portions, not too much and not too little. Others, on the other hand, have to constantly have feed or even eat constantly, otherwise they will have health problems. This is true for some fish, but also for guinea pigs. If the feeder can adapt to these needs, it can be used without hesitation.

It is particularly pleasant when the automatic feeder  not only allows to offer several portions in the test. It is also important that the animal gets them at adjustable intervals. A simple adjustability of eating habits and the orientation of the feeder  is characterized by a high-quality test winner. There are plus points in a test, if several in the amount freely divisible portions in the machine can be given, because then it is also suitable for longer absence .

If the bowl is empty, the mealworms are all eaten and the storage for the fish flakes is empty, the feeder must be cleaned. Often there is not much time left – and you do not want to invest that as a pet owner. A simple cleaning brings in the product test therefore plus points.

Finally, it is important that the feeder  test winner remains affordable. There are quite a few not-so-cheap high-tech solutions on the market, as well as very cheap alternatives. There is no reason not to buy them if they meet the needs and facilitate human and animal life together . Nevertheless, it depends on the price-performance ratio in the test. Does another product equal or as the high-priced variant – or meets a very favorable feed machine its purpose is not right – then alternatives are better.

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