How to deal with dog anxiety

A dog can experience the anxiety just like a human. It can be caused by various factors that are manifested in fears of loud sounds or noises, abandonment, new objects, new people, traveling and so forth. Dogs are vulnerable to any stressed setting both emotionally and physically, this will lead to the misbehaviors. The anxiety can be articulated in various behaviors like barking, pooping, peeing, chewing anywhere and anything or simply an extreme decrease of aggressive behaviors at sudden. Anxiety can be ignored and should be treated well it will get worsened and endanger your dog’s life. These are ways how to deal with dog anxiety.

Healthy Diet

A Healthy diet is a basic and the best treatment for the general health of your dog. A healthy diet can certainly prevent or minimize the dog anxiety symptoms. It’s a very basic treatment as you can apply on the daily basis without special tools needed. You can consult your vet first, but a common diet proportion should be high protein and low carbohydrate.


This is why some countries have obligated their citizens to regularly take their dogs walking. Physical activities and quality time you spent with your dogs will make them relieved from potential anxiety factors especially their emotion. There are various activities can be done besides walking, such as capture game, hide and seek, swimming, and so forth, choose one that comforts you both.


It’s quite surprising that dog has the same treatment as a human to maintain a relaxing state. A massaging will do a great work to calm your dogs and keep them away from various anxiety causes. It will relax your dog’s body and mind, just like the human. You can certainly learn how to properly massage your dog or simply call the therapist to do it. A cuddling time is a perfect moment you can provide massaging while your dog’s relaxing.

Natural CBD Dog Treats

CBD treats are the best way to treat anxiety in your dog. This is a new medicine that is gaining momentum for it’s amazing health benefits. CBD is non habit forming and will not interfear or interact with your dog’s exsisting medications or drugs. CBD is not Marijuana and will not get your dog “High” or intoxicated. Your dog can enjoy the same medical properties that CBD is known for because like humans, your dog also has the Endocannabinoid system (ECS). All vertibre animals have an ECS.

HolistaPet has all natural organic vegan superfood CBD pet treats to help aid the relief of your pet’s anxiety. Their dog treats are used to treat many ailments including: anxiety, pain, inflammation, epilepsy, vomiting, nausea, schizophrenia, arthritis, skin conditions, allergies, aging & wellness issues.

It’s important to recognize the symptoms of anxiety earlier so you can decide a proper treatment. Try these easy ways to treat the anxiety of your dog. A stressful environment can be harmful to your dog’s emotional, it can be the entry door for destructive anxiety problem. When your dog is anxious and manifesting worrying behaviors, then you should go to the vet right away. However, a mental support is clearly needed to overcome the dog anxiety, don’t let your anxious dog abandoned. That’s how to deal with dog anxiety.

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