Common Dog Diseases Symptom

Dogs are just as susceptible to contracting health problems as humans are and there are a lot of common dog diseases out there which every dog-owner should know about, in order to help their beloved pets in their time of need. A little bit of research and resourcefulness can help your dog a lot and save you a lot of hassle and trouble as well.


This disease is transferable to humans from dogs, if an infected animal bites them. A virus is the root cause of rabies and animals contract it from other infected animals. The virus which causes rabies attacks the dogs central nervous system and makes it hydrophobic as a result.

There are three stages of rabies in the first stage, your dog shows minor changes in behavior and a certain degree of aggression. In the next stage, worsens the condition as there is an increase in the level of aggression, barking and irritability of your dog and lastly, your dog will not be able to move about properly as he will lose all coordination. This results in ultimate death. Rabies cannot be treated, but there is a vaccine HDVC – for it.


Heartworm is a disease which is caused by sniffing the feces of other dogs. It is spread through parasites. It rapidly spreads and grows and causes infection of the heart and this finally results in the death of your dog. Symptoms of heartworm include coughing up of blood and difficulty breathing, weight loss, bloating of the abdomen and egestion of blood along with urine.

The good news is that heartworms can be treated, via injections of Immiticide. Surgical removal of heartworms is also possible. Some other type of diseases are involve that effect your dogs health such as addison’s disease in dogs also called (HOAC) hypoadrenocorticism. This disease is very serious in dog.


This common dog disease is again contracted through the feces of other dogs who are afflicted with this disease. Symptoms of this disease are diarrhea, coughing, accompanied by discharges from the eyes and nose and ultimate paralysis.

There is no effective treatment for this condition, but there is a vaccine which can prevent your dog from becoming afflicted with this killer disease. Vaccines made from canine tissue-culture are very effective as prevention for this common dog disease.
Common Tick-borne Diseases in Dogs

Tick borne diseases in dogs are a serious problem, especially in areas where it is an endemic. These areas include all the states which lie between and include Massachusetts and Virginia. California too, has been known to be home to the tiresome ticks! Of course cases of tick borne diseases have been reported in all 50 states of U.S.A, but these have generally occurred when the victim in question has visited the endemic areas.